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Your Interior Design Coach to Elevate Your Living Space

An interior design coach does more than just beautify your home or apartment; they transform your living space into an extension of yourself. Our Personalized Décor Coaching Service is designed for those looking to define or refine their unique decorative style.

Questions and Project Success: As part of our coaching, we address any questions you may have, from color choices to furniture layout, guiding you towards the successful completion of your decor project.

Interactivity and Emotional Support: We don't leave you to venture into the world of interior design on your own. Our ongoing interaction offers you the confidence and motivation needed to make informed choices.

Expert Advice to Achieve Your Goals: Our decor coaches bring their expertise to help materialize your ideas and achieve your project objectives, whether for a quick makeover or a complete renovation.

Turn your living space into a reflection of yourself with our Tailored Décor Coaching.



90-Minute Interior Design Consultation: A Tailored Solution for Your Needs

You've got 90 minutes to transform your living space! During this intensive consultation session, we'll precisely identify your interior design needs and challenges.

Expert Advice & Innovative Ideas: Whether you're in search of a modern, rustic, or traditional style, we'll provide you with professional guidance and creative ideas to achieve an interior setup that exceeds your expectations.

Furniture and Decor Selection: No need to navigate alone through the countless options of furniture and decor. We'll assist you in picking out pieces that perfectly match your style and needs.

Answering Your Questions: Do you have uncertainties about colors, materials, or furniture layout? We're here to address them.

Turn your interior vision into reality with our 90-minute Interior Design Consultation.

Meetup with interior designer


  • Unique Interior Design Consultation at €150, VAT Included

Opt for an exclusive interior design consultation at an all-inclusive rate of €150 VAT included. Benefit from the expertise of a professional to transform your space into a unique and personalized setting.

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