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Comprehensive Project Management for Renovation and Interior Architecture

After a detailed architectural or interior design study, our project management service takes over to bring your vision to life.

If you're looking for experts to oversee and manage your interior renovation project, we offer comprehensive on-site management and monitoring from start to finish. You'll enjoy full visibility at every stage of the construction process, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Order and Delivery Management: In addition to construction oversight, we handle all the logistics associated with orders, deliveries, and the receipt of furniture, materials, plumbing systems, and lighting.

Expert Final Installation: Upon completion of the renovation work and once all the furniture and fixtures are received, we will coordinate the final installation with a specialized company, also under our expert guidance.


After signing an agreement to kickstart your construction project, our expert architects take the helm for Flawless Project Coordination and Monitoring:

  • Rigorous Verification of Plans and Documents: We meticulously review plans and documents provided by contractors to ensure compliance and quality.

  • Effective Transmission of Directives to Contractors: Clear and timely directives are sent to contractors to adhere to the project's key milestones.

  • Leadership in Construction and Study Meetings: We organize and lead project-related meetings, fostering effective communication among all stakeholders.

  • Regular Inspections and Project Progress Monitoring: Frequent site visits to assess progress and ensure the project aligns with your expectations.

  • Detailed Construction Site Reports: Compilation of precise construction site reports requiring client approval for total transparency at every stage.

  • Verification and Planning of Billings: We verify billing statements provided by contractors, prepare new statements, and propose a structured payment plan.

  • Final Statement of Work and Final Payment Proposals: Compilation and proposal of the final statement of work and payments to satisfactorily conclude the project.



  • Custom Compliance Management and Monitoring: Available Upon Request

Ensure your project meets all legal and quality standards with our specialized Compliance Management and Monitoring Services.

  • Full-Scale Project Management and Personalized Monitoring: Available Upon Request

Opt for our Comprehensive Project Management and Personalized Monitoring Service for complete, end-to-end care.

  • Expert Coordination of Beautification Works: Available Upon Request

Enhance your space with our Beautification Works Coordination Services for an aesthetically outstanding result.

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