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Interior Designer


Considering a restructuring of your interior space, adding an extra room, removing walls, or installing a bathroom in a master suite? Whether it's relocating a kitchen or optimizing interior storage, a specialized interior architecture study is the solution for you.

Our interior architecture service focuses on space optimization, detailed design, and personalized interior decoration. This involves rigorous planning that accounts for every detail to anticipate your needs before initiating any renovation or decorating project.

This study provides a comprehensive visualization of your future interior with high-quality graphical elements, such as technical plans, sketches, 3D renderings, realistic photos, electrical plans, elevations, and mood boards.

1st STEP

At PASE, we initiate an in-depth interior design consultation to gather all the key information required for the success of your customized renovation project.

We consider your specific needs, budget constraints, aesthetic preferences, room functionalities, and any special requests. This is followed by a site visit and analysis, with the option for comprehensive measurement-taking to better define the dimensions of the space, thereby establishing the scope of our design mission.

Based on the data collected during these interactive sessions, as well as the existing layout, we kickstart the interior design study phase. This step includes:

  • Creation of customized 2D plans, designed to meet your needs.

  • Revision and adjustment phase to further refine the proposed plans based on your feedback.

kitchen sketches.png

2nd STEP

After the validation of the interior layout technical plans, we move on to the customized interior decoration phase. Every area of your home is meticulously designed to meet your specific tastes and needs.

We'll present you with a personalized selection of furniture, lighting, and quality materials, along with custom furniture designs such as bookshelves, kitchens, and walk-in closets. All of this is visualized through graphic projections, including sketches and realistic 3D renderings.

Once the decoration is approved, a detailed online shopping list will be created, itemizing all the elements you'll need, from materials and floor coverings to paint, sanitary ware, and furniture.

To conclude your interior design project study, we will focus on technical aspects, including layout plans, sections, elevations, electrical and plumbing schematics, as well as custom furniture fabrication plans (optional).

A detailed specification sheet will be written for carefully selected general construction companies, and a precise cost estimate for the work will be provided.

Important Note: The interior architect conducts a comprehensive design study, accounting for the client's specific needs, requests, and technical constraints. It's essential to understand that the final cost of the project can only be accurately estimated after the study is finalized, which will be conducted in collaboration with a building professional to ensure the technical and economic feasibility of the project


For this Comprehensive Interior Design Study, you will receive a detailed portfolio that includes:

  • Live or Video Consultation: Expert analysis to initiate your interior layout project.

  • Custom 2D Plans: With two rounds of revisions to perfect the layout of each space.

  • Moodboards for Each Room: Personalized visual inspirations to materialize your vision.

  • Sketches and Realistic Photos: Two cycles of modifications are included to refine every detail of each room.

  • Detailed Online Shopping List: Furniture, colors, materials, finishes; everything is carefully selected for you.

  • Custom Furniture and Storage Solutions: Unique creations for specific needs.

  • Comprehensive Technical Documentation: Including elevation plans, sections, electrical schematics, and execution plans.

  • Request for Quotes from Three General Construction Companies: Rigorously selected to ensure quality and adherence to your budget.

Optimize your space and bring your ideas to life with this comprehensive and personalized interior design study.

White Kitchen
Modern Room


  • Available Upon Request

Whether you're decorating a small room or redesigning a larger space, we offer flexible pricing options tailored to your interior design needs.

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